Cravmaq 17 years


We offer a full service of renting forklifts that it may be on daily, fortnightly
or monthly bases. It will vary according to the customers’ needs.

To rent forklifts may bring some advantages, such as:

ZERO expenses on maintenance
You will spend nothing on preventive maintenance, replacing spare parts, lubricating oils and work force cost.

You know EXACTLY how much it will cost you
All real cost is known before hand and invoiced to you with no surprises.

ZERO loss with out-of-date items
By renting you take the loss with bought equipment totally out of your budget. Bought equipment become out-of-date and they will not be used any longer.

Saving and Fiscal Fees
Besides the renting cost is much inferior to the cost of a forklift purchase, ALL expenses on renting is 100% deducted from your fiscal duty.

Zero Investment Capital
There is no need to place a initial capital or to keep this Money invested in equipment.

Zero Cost in Property Control
There is no need to include the rented forklifts in your inventory control.