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tstanding positioning on logistic equipment sales, rent and maintenance. Cravmaq brought a new concept in this segment with equipment and original Hyundai spare parts.

A modern and well-furnished workshop is fully prepared to perform any maintenance on your equipment. It may be preventive or corrective. Cravmaq works on extremely short time in recovering forklifts.

It is an authorized Hyundai distributor since 2002. Cravmaq became a reference on forklift segment holding ready-to-be-delivery spare parts thanks to the implementation of Hyundai Distribution Center of Spare Parts in Brazil. It holds another aspect of competence and professionalism, always focusing their customer’s comfort. Cravmaq has its own system of bringing and taking your equipment to its place after its maintenance is done.

Therefore, we may state that today Cravmaq is among the most important logistical equipment distributors in Brazil.

Professionalism, competence and flexibility to serve our customers.

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